Morgun & Partners is a law firm with more than 10 years of work experience in such areas of law practice as criminal law, family law, dispute resolution, protection of intellectual property, real estate and land law. Over years of successful practice in Ukraine, our attorneys-at-law have won 90% of cases, stopped extortions exercised by law enforcement agencies, released 57 properties from seizures, protected companies from illegal takeovers, dismissed more than 95% of criminal cases. There aren’t many law offices that can boast such high performance figures.

If you have faced a law-related problem, tried to defend yourself, protect your rights, and realized you need to find a highly qualified lawyer or attorney in Kyiv – don’t hesitate to contact Morgun & Partners Law Firm.

Law firm – benefits:

We have built an impressive record of success and have won numerous cases – this is the best sign of our lawyers’ professionalism. We are able to resolve disputes related to real estate, provide defense from criminal prosecution, protect intellectual property rights, or mediate family discords.

  • We offer full-cycle turn-key services covering protection of the client’s interests wherever required – at all instances, until the favourable judgement comes into full force.
  • We help our clients with business registration, selecting the proper form for the company’s incorporation, business activities, and taxation, accounting, application for licenses, permits, approvals, authorization documents, and any other supporting documents required for doing business.
  • We provide support in the re-organization and liquidation processes, while taking into account and mitigating all related risks.
  • We represent Ukrainian citizens in relations with foreign authorities. We cooperate with law offices and lawyers from the EU and the USA.
  • We have a customized approach to every client and guarantee good faith and transparency of our every step.
  • When we start working on a case, our specialists fully focus on detailed studies of the client’s documents and do not deal with other clients. We always prefer quality over quantity.

If you need competent attorneys (barristers), legal counsels or lawyers (solicitors) in Kyiv – you are always welcome to contact our law firm. We take up cases of all complexity levels and do our best to solve the client’s issues as soon as possible.

Lawyer advice – when do you need it?

An attorney is a professional who does not deal only with criminal cases, attorneys can take part in civil and arbitrary hearings. Despite that, a good professional can build up a well-thought strategy and solve the client’s problem before the issue gets to the district court, let alone arbitration or criminal proceedings. The lawyer’s work starts from a pre-trial investigation – and this is exactly the stage where you need to seek compromise and negotiate for the optimal outcome.

It is widely believed that you should go to a lawyer only with regard to criminal cases. The real-life practice, however, shows that disputes frequently arise in partition of property, recovery of alimony payments or debts, divorce, protection of intellectual property, damages. This is only a small part of all those issues where people seek professional advice. For example, many engaged couples contact lawyers for drafting marital agreements before actually getting married, other people ask for advice regarding their employment contract when starting on a new job.

Of course, the key area where attorneys are engaged most is related to criminal cases, and in these situations, it is better not to take it too long before getting legal support. Competent attorneys in Kyiv mostly work for private businesses and offer a wide range of services.

Rapid development of technologies in our country has resulted in the increasing number of large businesses that need support in corporate law issues. This is another in-demand area of law practice that draws Ukrainians to law offices. A corporate law specialist must monitor the compliance with professional ethics and protect the company’s confidentiality. This helps minimize losses, punish offenders, prevent intellectual property leaks, and protect the company’s business reputation.

As you can see from the above examples, a professional help might be needed in any area, and most of all – when it comes to court proceedings.

A good lawyer – how to choose?

Today, numerous firms offer their legal services, but how among all of them can you choose a specialist who is really competent and who will help protect your rights? There are a number of criteria to be taken into account. First of all, this is not all about knowledge of laws. Even an amateur may know laws; what really makes a difference is the skills to apply this knowledge in real practice, build an efficient strategy and work towards the goal. Any court case is a battlefield for two opponents where every one of them fights for own interests. It is the expertise of your defense team that outcome of the case will eventually depend on. If you are looking for a lawyer (Kyiv), contact our team for advice.

The first impression

An attorney (Kyiv) does not have to appear wearing a designer suit, but as people say – first impressions are half the battle. So if you see a person wearing jeans and a wrinkled t-shirt, you’d better pass on his or her services. The first thing you notice about a true professional is a competent and well-bred speech. Competence is essential not just in conversations but also in drafting documents. A good lawyer will always find a proper wording and make a good impression.


A Kyiv-based lawyer who has a degree from a foreign university will always spark genuine interest. While education received abroad retains its appeal and continues to be considered a strength, a diploma issued by a Ukrainian law school is no sign of a bad professional. Field-specific education is not always a key element. Every attorney is a lawyer, but not every lawyer can become an attorney. For working in this field, you need to have at least 2 years of professional background and successfully pass the bar exam, only then the special commission will decide whether or not you may be admitted to the bar.

Lawyer or attorney – what is the difference?

Unlike usual lawyers, attorneys (Kyiv) have more powers – they can represent their clients at courts in criminal cases and make official lawyer requests. In addition, this status is more respectable and trustworthy.

Working experience

When we apply for a job, the first thing of interest is experience. Here it works the same way – when you first meet a specialist, ask about his or her work and number of won and lost cases. Pay attention, those attorneys who talk only about successful cases are most likely to lie. In real-life practice, you cannot always win, there will be some cases lost anyway. There is a type of cases that are impossible to win. For example, if the defendant pleads guilty, all the attorney can do is to commute the sentence. In all cases where an attorney claims to have never lost a single case, you have a good reason to doubt.

Area of expertise

Every lawyer in Kyiv has his or her own specialization – some lawyers deal with criminal cases, some solve issues of inheritance, partition of property, labour disputes, or civil cases. Despite experience and knowledge, you cannot be proficient in all existing areas of law practice. Professionalism is shaped and refined with time and practice in one area of expertise. Those lawyers who claim to be “universal” specialists raise particular doubts. One person is simply unable to cope with such amounts of information. Besides, you need to have useful contacts to get first-hand information and find the best solutions to complicated issues and it does not seem possible to have reliable sources in all areas at the same time.

Knowledge of the case

After you have found out about the attorney’s education, working experience and area of expertise, the attorney (Kyiv) can start looking into the client’s case. At the first meeting, the attorney already tries to understand all peculiarities of the case and talks about the real chances that exist to solve the issue. It is important that the lawyer uses plain and understandable language for explanations instead of throwing around legal terms that a person without a law degree may not be familiar with.

As the attorney studies the case materials, he or she will come up with several case scenarios – both positive and negative. If he or she starts convincing the client that the case has 100% chance of success, most probably, your lawyer is not very qualified.

If the client’s case is outside of the attorney’s area of expertise, the latter will recommend another specialist who will be competent enough to handle the case.

Attorneys-at-law in Kyiv – legal fees

One of the essential questions to ask is the fee charged for the legal service. An attorney (Kyiv) always tends to talk about his or her fees rather at the end of the conversation than at its beginning. This distinguishes a true professional from an amateur. Typically, it is difficult to give a precise figure payable for the service because the fee will largely depend on the complexity of your particular case, duration of the proceedings, and many other factors. Besides, the more influential the specialist is, the higher will be the value of his or her services.

Why you shouldn’t go to the court without an attorney

Submission of documents to the court is a labor-intensive and complicated process. However, many people prefer taking all the effort on their own, without having a clue about the difficulties they are about to face. At the first glance, it seems simple and easy to collect the package of documents needed to apply, but problems appear right after you first approach the court registry.

The first difficulty is proper drafting of documents

It is strictly forbidden to submit free-form statements of claim – there are regulatory requirements and standards applicable in line with the effective procedure code. Only the document drafted as required will be accepted by the court office. Interestingly, not every lawyer has sufficient knowledge to properly fill in the paperwork, let alone just an ordinary person who is not qualified in law. At this point, you would need an attorney (Kyiv). For representatives of the legal profession, it is not difficult at all to draw up a claim.

The next obstacle on the way is communication with the judge

Here it takes as much competence. When filing your papers, documents and extracts with the court, you need to defend or controvert the evidence persistently and in a well-argued way. Of course, the Internet offers a number of articles teaching you how to prepare your documents and how to talk to the judge, but these are only templates that in most cases are poorly drafted.

The process of submitting your claim

A statement of claim may be filed either by mail or by personal delivery. When you personally submit your papers, you don’t need to worry about their safe and secure delivery, which saves a lot of time and nerves. Besides, in case of personal delivery, you will know right at once whether your package of documents is complete or still misses something.

For saving your time and effort, you can retain a lawyer to deal with all the paperwork for your lawsuit. This is the only way you can be sure that this task will be successfully handled and expect that your documents will be accepted by servants of justice.

Private attorney Sergii Morgun from Morgun & Partners Law Firm (Kyiv) is a top-class expert with an extensive experience in his area of practice. At our law firm, you will benefit from competent legal support in any issues related to criminal or civil law.

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Morgun & Partners is a Ukrainian law firm having notable experience in various areas of law practice. Our lawyers have built an impressive record of success. We specialize in dispute resolution and criminal defense, as well as family law and business law.

We approach each of our clients individually. In our work, we always aim at quality rather than quantity, and what matters most is that we guarantee honesty and openness towards our clients.

We closely cooperate with partners in many foreign jurisdictions, which helps us efficiently represent Ukrainian clients abroad and foreign clients in Ukraine.




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Defence in criminal proceedings

Loan Disputes

Dispute Resolution

Out-of-court settlement of disputes

Family Law

Family disputes

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Success in more than 90% of cases.

Conveniently located head office.

Full focus on your case.

Special attention to criminal proceedings and family disputes.

Profound knowledge of your case and competence to represent you in the best possible way.


Remove arrests from 57 properties

Within the framework of one criminal proceeding, having collected a refuting evidence base in a month, arguing their position in court, the firm's lawyers removed arrests from 57 real estate objects and removed 2 arrests from securities.

Closed 95% of criminal cases

As a result of competent defense, 95% of the criminal cases that our lawyers entered into were closed at the stage of pre-trial investigation.

Extortion by law enforcement authorities stopped

99% of criminal cases initiated against clients with signs of extortion by law enforcement agencies were closed after our lawyers entered the case, preventing such illegal and anti-moral commercial gain.

The enterprise of the victim is protected from raider seizure

In the criminal proceedings initiated by our lawyers, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, the victim's enterprise is protected from a raider seizure (the property of which this enterprise owned at a cost of more than 15,000,000 US dollars).


The cost of lawyer services depends on the specifics of each case. A specialist can determine the full cost of providing services only after a detailed analysis of the circumstances of the case. It also concerns the definition of terms. Some typical cases may have a fixed value, but in these cases there can be some additional actual costs, in particular court fees, expertise, transportation costs, etc.


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