“Doctor Pi” criminal conviction reversed

Interests of a renowned Ukrainian doctor protected and criminal conviction of the first instance court reversed.

Andriy Slyusarchuk gained his first fame as a showman who conducted hypnosis sessions. He became also known for his phenomenal abilities to memorize large amounts of information, in particular, decimal places of pi. This is why he received his second name “Doctor Pi”. Andriy Slyusarchuk has remained the most mysterious figure of recent decades.

In November 2011, it was all over the news in Ukraine that the person with unique abilities, who had been called the genius doctor and awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine, was suddenly declared a criminal. The famous and enigmatic “Doctor Pi” was arrested, investigated, and judged at the court.

Thus, on 14 February 2014, the Sykhivskyi District Court of Lviv supported in its judgement by the Lviv Court of Appeal on 8 April 2015, found Andriy Slyusarchuk guilty of murdering several patients, illegal medical activities, fraud, and forgery of documents, and sentenced him to eight years in prison.

However, on 24 March 2016, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine cancelled the order of the Appeal Court of Lviv Region dated 8 April 2015, and the case was scheduled to be re-heard at the appeal court starting from the appeal stage, where this time Sergii Morgun joined the defense team.

Sergii Morgun, together with other lawyers of Slyusarchuk, found that the documents on their client’s education, academic degree and rank were valid, not disputed or invalidated, and all the said documents had been legally obtained by Slyusarchuk both in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine in accordance with applicable laws. Moreover, upon the expiration of the nine-month detention period (starting from 14 August 2012), Slyusarchuk was held in custody unlawfully because the then-effective Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine did not provide any extension of the detention period that exceeded nine months for serious crimes, and additionally, the charges had been brought with gross procedural violations.

Through the efforts undertaken by our attorney and his unwavering position, on 7 December 2017, the sentence was overturned on appeal, and now Slyusarchuk is restored to his lawful right to professional medical practice with absolutely legitimate diplomas and medical ranks.

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