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Morgun & Partners successfully compete with large and renowned legal services corporations. In most areas of law practice, our firm has taken the leadership role, specializing in dispute resolution, criminal defense and family law. What we strive to win is not the market but the thing we value most – our clients’ trust and respect.

We take advocacy to the next level by developing and using a customized efficient defense option. In our work we choose quality over quantity. Most decisions are made jointly by our law firm’s partners and advisors, any strategy is well-balanced and thorough thanks to the unbiased approach to each case that we are committed to maintain.

We are always up and ready to come to your help whenever needed as we run a duty schedule in the firm to stand right in time for our clients and provide assistance during law enforcement activities. Rely on our experience and we will deliver the result you need.

Good faith and openness towards our clients are the principal cornerstones of our work.

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