Yevhenii Dudko

Yevhenii Dudko

Head of Criminal Defence Department, licensed attorney-at-law.

Yevhenii Dudko is Head of Criminal Defence Department at Morgun & Partners Law Firm, top-ranking attorney-at-law specialized in criminal law and procedure and in protection of businesses against criminal prosecution.

If you have a problem – we can solve it having onboard this seasoned attorney. Yevhenii’s unique strength is that he has both long-standing proficiency in criminal law practising as a defence attorney and a more than 10-year background working as an investigator and prosecutor in Ukrainian public prosecution authorities. This precious experience helps Yevhenii anticipate all tactical moves of the prosecution and, always staying one step ahead, build a solid strategy for your defence.

If you don’t have a problem but do have some concerns thinking whether your potential actions or decisions are lawful, you can fully rely on Yevhenii’s expert assessment of your risks and your compliance with effective laws of Ukraine.

Yevhenii is a licensed attorney, PhD in Law, practising lawyer with more than 1,000 court trials under his belt, including those where he has represented public prosecution at the courts and monitored legal compliance as the procedural guidance.

The law protects everyone who has a competent lawyer.

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