Sergii Morgun

Sergii Morgun


Founder of Morgun & Partners, accomplished and licensed attorney specializing in criminal law and procedure. Success in more than 95% of criminal cases (criminal proceedings) in 2011 to 2021*.

Before founding his own law firm, Sergii built up experience and expertise by working for five years in public prosecution agencies of various levels and for many subsequent years in Ukraine’s leading law firms. In 2018, he passed his Ph.D. defense in Criminal Procedure and took the Ph.D. degree.

Lawyer with a long-standing experience in criminal law and criminal prosecution, protection of honor and dignity, as well as protection of business reputation of individuals and legal entities.

Core area of expertise: protection of clients’ rights and interests in criminal proceedings for white-collar crimes of all complexity levels.

As a good faith lawyer, Sergii prefers to reach legal settlement at the pretrial stage, but whenever needed to defend clients in court proceedings he will not rest until wins the case.

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