Legal Fees

Our legal fees depend on the details of each particular case. We can estimate the total service fees only after a detailed analysis of all circumstances in your case.

Our law firm charges by the hour for attorneys’ work. In the international law practice, this billing principle is considered to be the most cost-efficient and convenient for both clients and lawyers due to its transparency.

This way, the client may monitor their lawyer’s work, keeping track of all the lawyer’s efforts and time spent in their case. And the lawyer can be sure that their efforts are billed and focus on the service quality while drafting every document and negotiating at every meeting in the client’s interests.

Hourly billing has enormous advantages as compared to other methods – a fixed fee for handling a particular case may turn out too high as the lawyer cannot fully predict all developments in the case and duration of the proceedings.

We work on the same principles as European law firms, where the client’s case is handled directly by an experienced attorney rather than a team of young associates.

Hourly rates for the services and counselling provided by our lawyers:
Criminal defence attorney – USD 100 per hour*
Dispute resolution attorney (out-of-court and court settlements) – USD 100 per hour*
Family law attorney – USD 100 per hour*
Paralegal – USD 50 per hour*

Fixed-fee billing is also possible in some cases, where the client understands that their case/issue is a long-running one and gets a substantial discount by paying a fixed monthly fee instead of the lawyer’s hourly rates.

Our principle is not to get as many orders as we can but rather to offer a successful solution to every single client.

*based on the official UAH-USD rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine as of the payment date.

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