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Family Law

Family Lawyer

Family lawyer. Family disputes. Marriage contracts. Partition of property. Divorce.

Family disputes may be of direct relevance to anyone of us. In addition, a family dispute is always emotionally stressful for all parties, whether it be a divorce or a marriage contract, a property partition agreement between spouses or ex-spouses, determination of visiting arrangements for children, court representation, and other family discords to be better dealt with privately. This is exactly the kind of cases where you are recommended to retain a family lawyer.

At Morgun & Partners Law Firm, we are committed to both solve your issue and warn you of any possible negative implications.

Morgun & Partners Law Firm offers professional services in family cases of any complexity level and at any stage.

Family lawyer offers the following services:

  • Legal advice on family law issues (verbal or written);
  • Drafting marital agreements and counselling in the process of their conclusion;
  • Out-of-court resolution of disputes and negotiating between spouses;
  • Divorce (court representation);
  • Partition of property (court representation and support at a notary’s office for executing
    respective agreements);
  • Recovery of alimony payments (court representation and support in executing respective agreements);
  • Contesting of paternity / maternity;
  • Deprivation of parental rights;
  • Restriction of parental rights;
  • Disputes regarding the child’s place of residence;
  • Determination of visiting arrangements for children.

Family lawyer may obtain all necessary documents (evidence) for the court, as well as engage experts and arrange for appropriate expert assessments to be commissioned as required.

Family lawyer may render services in the city of Kyiv or anywhere throughout the country.

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