Family Law Attorney. Attorney for Family Law Cases in Kyiv.

As family law mostly deals with the closest people in our clients’ lives, we at Morgun & Partners Law Firm rely on both legal and moral standards while giving legal advice.

Legislation gives a clear definition of a family – it consists of people that have mutual personal rights and responsibilities, live together and maintain a common household. These may be couples, parents and children, adoptive parents and adopted children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, etc. However, family law does not regulate relations between cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, and other remote relatives. This means, it makes no sense to retain a family lawyer for settling these relationships, because family law advice is based only on provisions of the Family Code. Morgun & Partners Law Firm will help you solve various issues, including those related to partition of inherited property between relatives, registration of paternity or filing a divorce.

Legal fees charged by Morgun & Partners Law Firm for family law services are discussed in each case individually as they will largely depend on your request and your particular situation – every case is special.

Family law has a number of fundamental principles that influence social relations. Those fundamental principles are:

  • respect for the family institution and non-interference in family matters;
  • legality of being in only one marriage at a time;
  • focus on the principles of good faith and equity in family relations in line with the moral standards accepted by the society;
  • equality of women and men in their responsibilities and property rights, as well as due regard to the best interests of children and disadvantaged family members;
  • freedom to enter into and dissolve marriage – nobody has the right to force another person into marriage and make them stay married against their own will;
  • protection of family members’ privacy and right to personal freedom;
  • alimony and maintenance obligations, financial support to family members in need.

These principles will be of primary importance if our divorce attorneys start working on your case, and everything will be within the competence of family law. However, it is not only law firms and governmental institutions that are responsible for the compliance with these standards. Family law is the area of law practice where primary responsibility rests with the participants of legal relations, and where moral and customary rules prevail.

The basic list of legal services offered by our family law attorneys in Kyiv:

  1. Legal support in the divorce process with representation at the court and application for having an original (duplicate) marriage certificate re-issued;
  2. Inheritance issues (invalidation of the will, invalidation of the gift contract for real estate, etc.);
  3. Legal support in the cases related to the determination of children’s place of residence with one of their parents;
  4. Application for the court-issued permits for children to travel abroad;
  5. Drafting of marital agreements;
  6. Deprivation of parental rights;
  7. Eviction of a cohabitant from the client’s apartment;
  8. Recovery of alimony payments;
  9. Partition of an apartment and other property owned by spouses.

Family law attorney – benefits:

We have an experienced family attorney (solicitor) in our team who specializes in running family law cases in Kyiv and knows this business very well.

Our key principle in this work is not to get fees for legal services, but help you find the solution worthy of Solomon for your particular case.

At Morgun & Partners Law Firm, we have non-disclosure agreements signed with all team members, which guarantees the utmost confidentiality of your information.

Our family law attorney at Kyiv-based Morgun & Partners Law Firm will protect your rights, help you with partition of marital property after divorce through lawyers, counsel on inheritance or alimony recovery issues, and provide any of the above listed services in the area of family law. We strive to make our clients feel happy with our services, confident in our attorney’s good faith and integrity, and protected with regard to their privacy.

Joint property of spouses is the property that they have acquired together in the course of their marriage, such as cash deposits, insurance proceeds, equity rights, real estate, land plots, stocks and shares, vehicles, securities, etc. There is a distinction between joint property and separate property of spouses because a property can be considered separate if it is bought personally by a husband or a wife when they are still married or when their relationship is dissolved actually but not officially, with the required paperwork still underway.

As a rule, property owned by spouses may be divided either based on the agreement reached by the spouses and certified by a notary, or based on the decision issued by the court. The first option is easier because it enables the spouses to divide their property at their own discretion. Division of property through the court is much more complicated. The second option frequently becomes the divorce implication. One of the parties fails to properly perform their obligations (supporting the family, preserving and dividing the property in equal parts), and the other party doesn’t know how to get it done through the court.

If you have experienced some difficulties in your marriage dissolution process, if you can’t reach agreement with your ex-spouse and amicably divide your joint property upon mutual consent, you are welcome to contact Morgun & Partners Law Firm for legal support. Our highly qualified professionals will help protect your interests at the court, assert your property rights in compliance with Ukrainian laws, and ensure you receive your legitimate share in the joint property.

Our attorneys’ excellent command of laws guarantees that you will end up with that part of the jointly owned property that you are entitled to. We will save your time and nerves in this challenging period and help you stay out of all problems related to the divorce and partition of property. It is important for us to ensure that full agreement is reached between the husband and wife, especially if one of them has raised claims.

Trust us with this task. At the time when you break up your marriage ties, it could be really hard to properly handle your emotions and see your situation clearly. Your spouse may resist and do illegal things while you will have no tools or knowledge to fight back.

Partition attorney, divorce attorney in Kyiv — we will help you resolve your issue in the most comfortable and reliable way:

  • partition of property with due regard to its value;
  • recovery of lost or damaged property;
  • registration of title to properties resulting from your business activities;
  • identification of property items that you have purchased separately and can legitimately keep in your ownership;
  • conveyance of property by inheritance.

In the court proceedings, our family lawyers will provide full legal and moral support. When collecting the required package of documents, you will receive comprehensive advice with regard to all issues of your concern. Partition of property will be nothing more than just a formality requiring only to submit and sign a few papers. We will do everything else for you.

We also offer legal services of our family law attorneys for divorce, determination of children’s place of residence (with one of their parents), and other family law cases. Please contact us with regard to these above services at any convenient time.

Don’t question your choice – we are the service provider that has already helped hundreds of families peacefully and lawfully solve their partition issues.

Family law

Family Law

Family Lawyer

Family lawyer. Family disputes. Marriage contracts. Partition of property. Divorce.

Family disputes may be of direct relevance to anyone of us. In addition, a family dispute is always emotionally stressful for all parties, whether it be a divorce or a marriage contract, a property partition agreement between spouses or ex-spouses, determination of visiting arrangements for children, court representation, and other family discords to be better dealt with privately. This is exactly the kind of cases where you are recommended to retain a family lawyer.

At Morgun & Partners Law Firm, we are committed to both solve your issue and warn you of any possible negative implications.

Morgun & Partners Law Firm offers professional services in family cases of any complexity level and at any stage.

Family lawyer offers the following services:

  • Legal advice on family law issues (verbal or written);
  • Drafting marital agreements and counselling in the process of their conclusion;
  • Out-of-court resolution of disputes and negotiating between spouses;
  • Divorce (court representation);
  • Partition of property (court representation and support at a notary’s office for executing respective agreements);
  • Recovery of alimony payments (court representation and support in executing respective agreements);
  • Contesting of paternity / maternity;
  • Deprivation of parental rights;
  • Restriction of parental rights;
  • Disputes regarding the child’s place of residence;
  • Determination of visiting arrangements for children.

Family lawyer may obtain all necessary documents (evidence) for the court, as well as engage experts and arrange for appropriate expert assessments to be commissioned as required.

Family lawyer may render services in the city of Kyiv or anywhere throughout the country.

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