Olga Zakharova

Olga Zakharova

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Olga Zakharova is a senior partner at Morgun & Partners Law Firm, an experienced attorney-at-law specializing in civil law, including family and inheritance disputes, labour disputes, land and housing disputes, property disputes, contractual and banking disputes, as well as in commercial law, including corporate disputes.

Olga has a long-standing experience of work in the judicial system (more than 12 years), representation of corporate and individual clients before public and private entities, banking institutions, executive and judicial authorities, the Supreme Court of Ukraine (more than 3 years), in particular, contracting and claim-related work, comprehensive legal support of business activities, as well as extensive negotiating experience.

Olga holds a LL.M. degree and is a co-author of the compilation of proceedings from all-Ukrainian public hearings and the compilation of reports from the academic conference “The Rule of Law through the Eyes of Young Lawyers”, which helps her seamlessly combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills in her professional activities.

Court representation of clients is one of the attorney’s core expertise areas.

In her work, Olga maintains a professional approach towards the analysis of every case and tracking down the changeable commercial, economic and legal dimensions, with due regard to the latest developments in legislation and case law.

One of Olga’s distinctive advantages is building long-term relations with clients based on the customized approach to each and every client, confidentiality, mutual trust, responsibility, transparency and honesty. Olga’s developed expertise and practices allow you to benefit from useful legal advice and recommendations already at the consultation stage for successful and efficient solution of your issues and challenges.

The attorney’s priority is to keep clients happy!

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