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Loan disputes

Loan Disputes

If you have plans for cooperation with a banking institution, timely and competent legal assistance may help you prevent many negative impacts. After reviewing your contract or other documents, our lawyer specialized in banking disputes will counsel you on avoiding any potential risks and issue recommendations on how to proceed in a particular situation when you have a dispute with banks.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are: How not to pay a loan legally? How to terminate mortgage? How to terminate suretyship? You can receive answers to these and many other questions related to banking disputes at a consultation visit to our loan lawyers.

Our lawyers specialized in banking disputes offer the following services:

  • Advice on banking issues.
  • Analysis of loan agreements, mortgage agreements, suretyship agreements.
  • Drafting of applications and complaints to competent authorities.
  • Protection of clients’ interests (representation) before courts in cases related to recovery of loan debts, foreclosure on the mortgaged property, invalidation of mortgage agreements, suretyship agreements, or loan agreements, termination of suretyship or mortgage, etc.

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