Katerina Alekseychenko

Katerina Alekseychenko


Kateryna Oleksiychenko is a senior partner at Morgun & partners Law Firm, respected attorney-at-law and family law expert, having extensive experience in mediating family disputes and conflicts. Kateryna holds a law degree from National University “Odesa Academy of Law”.

In 2011 Kateryna started assisting a famous attorney-at-law and already in 2014 she entered her own private practice to further act as an independent attorney, and has eventually built on a wealth of experience in the areas of her practice such as various aspects of dispute resolution, especially in civil litigation and family law.

Alongside family law, Kateryna is a top-performing lawyer in many other practice areas – she can boast of impressive background in running commercial, civil and administrative cases in courts throughout Ukraine, and is well competent in criminal defense.

Taken in total, the amount of money recovered through her successful collection efforts at courts in 2011 to 2017, has long risen beyond hundreds of thousands US dollars.

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