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Real estate law in Ukraine

Property and land law

Real estate transactions and land law.

  • Pre-purchase legal due diligence of real properties and land plots, risk assessment in real estate purchase and legal support for purchase transactions.
  • Support for real estate and land plot transactions (sale and purchase, transfer by gift, exchange, lease, mortgage on buildings, structures, residential and non-residential premises, land plots).
  • Registration of title to real property.
  • Negotiating with lessors and drafting lease agreements.
  • Recovery against mortgaged property.
  • Invalidation of mortgage agreements.
  • Registration and declaration of title to real estate through legal action.
  • Conversion of residential properties to non-residential (commercial).
  • Partition or consolidation of real properties.
  • Property improvement — change of the property’s area or number of floors.
  • Commissioning of real properties.
  • Conclusion of agreements with Kyivenergo (power supplier), Kyivvodokanal (water supplier) from the scratch and renewal of existing agreements, obtaining technical specifications from these companies.
  • Registration of property rights.
  • Preparation of technical certificates for real properties (formalization of technical certificates).
  • Application to the commission handling complaints in the field of state registration (property registration commission under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine).
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