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Labour disputes

Labour Disputes

Interests of employers and employees do not always coincide so clashes might happen at any stage of employer-employee relations, which in its turn leads to labour disputes such as illegal dismissal, delays in salary payments, non-payment of salaries in case of dismissal, etc. Over the recent years, labour disputes have grown in number, including those submitted to courts.

Our labour lawyers are ready to provide highly professional support in resolving issues related to:

  • Resolution of disputes that arise during hiring, transfer to another job, dismissal and holding liable for damages, non-payment of salaries.
  • Representation of employees in challenging the employer’s actions, resolution of labour disputes with the employer through the labour disputes commission or through courts.
  • Challenging of the employer’s actions in case the employee is held financially liable or disciplined, protection of the employee’s interests where he/she faces disciplinary sanctions (including dismissal).
  • Application of labour laws for any other issues that clients might face.

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