Morgun & Partners is a law firm that provides legal and advocacy services in Kyiv, Ukraine, in the areas of family law, criminal law, land law, dispute resolution, and assistance with real estate issues, protection of intellectual property rights, incorporation and registration of businesses. We have been working in the field of law and justice for more than 25 years.

Our successes include:

  • dismissed 90% of civil cases;
  • dismissed 95% of criminal proceedings;
  • released 57 properties from seizures;
  • protected businesses against extortions by law enforcement agencies and against illegal takeovers.

Our attorneys also provide defense and advocacy to Ukrainian citizens abroad who have faced litigations or any other legal proceedings.

In our team, we have talented and skilled attorneys and lawyers who have professional background in European and American firms. Feel free to contact us – we stand up for every client’s rights, protect the innocent, and help return what is lawfully yours.

Advocacy services at Morgun & Partners Law Firm

Advocacy services usually provided by attorneys-at-law (Kyiv) are related to civil and arbitration hearings, as well as criminal proceedings. It is important to understand that there is a subject-matter specialist in each field – you cannot be universal, equally competent in, let’s say, real estate matters and family law. In our team, we have professionals representing a wide range of expertise, in various areas of law practice, such as resolution of land-related issues, counselling in case of road traffic accidents or inheritance procedures, and protection of consumer rights.

Every good lawyer will do their best to solve the problem before it gets to the district court or arbitration tribunal, and if it does – will defend their client at the court. Already at the stage of pre-trial investigation, you need to work closely with a competent lawyer who will think your entire case through and ensure competent representation of your interests.

It is not only because of upcoming criminal proceedings that people strive to retain a good lawyer or seek professional legal advice in Kyiv – we have a number of clients who need to protect their intellectual property, resolve some disputes with regard to property titles or alimony payments.

Labor disputes

Employment and professional relations represent an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, this is also the field where many Ukrainians face injustice, which may be about social benefits, annual leave, job responsibilities, or terms and conditions of employment contracts. Some people choose to turn a blind eye to the unfair treatment they have faced, while some others contact lawyers and attorneys for professional help. Together with a lawyer, you can claim your rights and solve any conflicts between a boss and a subordinate. We specialize in settling collective and individual labor disputes.

Most frequently, legal services are needed in cases of wrongful job dismissal. When this happens, lawyers can help reinstate their client in his or her former position, dispute the cause of dismissal, protect the employee in case of unlawfully imposed disciplinary penalties, seek compensation for the period of absence from work. These are some of the issues where you need support from law firms.

Real estate: residential and commercial properties

As regards real estate issues, disputes often arise in the conversion of residential properties to non-residential (commercial) – this might be relevant for those who plan to arrange a business office in their own apartment. Lawyers can counsel you on the details of this procedure such as what documents you are required to collect and submit or what authorities you need to apply to. There is also the opposite service of converting commercial properties to residential. These issues are within the competence of local authorities, but you need to prepare a package of documents to apply and initiate the procedure, and it would be problematic to get all necessary permits and approvals without any legal knowledge in this field.

Some other types of in-demand legal services in Kyiv are those related to the following real estate issues:



    privatization of residential properties;



    partition of property.

In any case, attorneys and lawyers can help settle everything peacefully, even where all the parties have their own opinion on the issue of concern.

Land law

Legal services might be of much use in land disputes and contestation of rights to property, approval of boundaries, registration of title to land plots, sale and privatization of land plots, disagreements over the targeted use of land plots.

For example, a mistake found in the registration documents may become grounds for contesting your rights to a land plot. To prevent this kind of implications, you need to get legal professionals involved. It is highly recommended that a lawyer specialized in land matters and experienced in this field participates in all your paperwork. A lawyer can help you with both drafting necessary documents and advocating your interests in communications with all relevant authorities.

Criminal proceedings

Ukrainian citizens who become the suspects, accused or defendants have the right to legal assistance secured by the Constitution of Ukraine. In these cases, it is better not to take it too long before getting professional legal support because a competent lawyer will help prevent referral of your case to the court or criminal prosecution.

Our legal team give support at the stage of pre-trial investigation. At this stage, it is essential to think through what statement exactly the client will make to the police.

Businesses might experience some difficulties in their relations with state control authorities. Our task is to prevent unlawful actions and protect the client’s interests. If the case is submitted to the court, the attorney will act as a legal counsel and help the client keep in touch with his or her family while the suspect is held in pre-trial detention facilities.

An attorney may join the legal proceedings at any stage, but it is better to seek legal support as early as possible.

Family disputes

Legal services (Kyiv) are needed when you face a marriage dissolution process, deprivation of parental rights, partition of property, and need all relevant paperwork done. Besides, lawyers can help draft marital agreements and counsel on children-related issues, such as who of the ex-spouses receives child custody after their divorce. To have your rights competently protected and save plenty of your time staying out of lengthy court proceedings, you will need professional legal support.


Legal services (Kyiv) will be definitely helpful for all people who own tangible or intangible assets, purchase property, land plots, stocks or shares, apartments, or claim their inheritance. It frequently happens that, in inheritance issues, relatives start passionate confrontations or try under false pretenses to get their hands on the apartment, money, jewelry, or other hereditable valuables. Division of the property reaches the courts, where such case might turn into both time- and money-consuming process, taking more than 2-5 years.

The inheritance procedure consists of 3 steps:

  • an inheritance case is opened based on the application;
  • all circumstances of the inheritance case are checked by a notary;
  • the certificate of title to the property is executed and the property is re-registered due to the change of ownership.

Loan disputes

Legal services may be necessary in negotiations between creditors and borrowers. Unstable economic conditions and currency fluctuations may give rise to new debt crises. A lawyer may help with that by analyzing your particular situation and offering an action plan.

For example, he or she needs to understand whether it is a secured or unsecured loan, whether or not there has already been a legal action initiated, whether or not the borrower has any property, and what the client expects as a positive outcome. All these things have a direct impact on how the lawyer will handle the case. The perfect situation is if the loan is unsecured and the creditor hasn’t submitted the claim to the court. This gives some additional time to make over the property or negotiate a repayment without any lawsuit.

If a bank files a lawsuit against the client, and the client does not have any officially owned property, this also counts as a favorable situation as within six months the bank may write-off this debt.

Legal support in road traffic accidents

Legal services in Kyiv will be helpful for those people who face troubles by getting involved in road traffic accidents. Poor roads, non-compliance with traffic regulations ‒ all that has an adverse effect on the road traffic environment. Lawyer’s help is essential both during and after a traffic accident. A legal professional may help identify which party is responsible for the accident, protect the client’s interests in the courts, and dispute financial claims. As a rule, lawyers specializing in this kind of services arrive at the accident scene and assess the situation from their viewpoint. If you fail to seek legal support at the very beginning, later on you will anyway have to retain an attorney for your representation at the court. The attorney’s task is to advocate the client’s position and appeal against the court decision unless it meets the expectations.

Recovery of debts

Everyone has ever been in situations when a friend or an acquaintance is not willing to pay back the debt. Sometimes, you are lucky to resolve the situation without a conflict, but this is not always the case, and since the borrowed amounts may also vary adding up to the severity of the situation, you might have no other choice than to take legal action. A lawyer may help in these situations, provided that the affected party has a signed receipt for the borrowed amount. This document is enough grounds to go to the court.

We at Morgun & Partners Law Firm offer legal and advocacy services in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our area of expertise:

  • Criminal cases;
  • Divorce;
  • Inheritance;
  • Consumer protection;
  • Loan disputes resolution;
  • Insurance issues;
  • Commercial cases;
  • Support in road traffic accidents;
  • Tax issues;
  • Registration of real estate;
  • Administrative proceedings;
  • Land issues.

As you can see, every situation has its own pitfalls and peculiarities so you will need professional legal services anyway.

Please feel free to contact our specialists with regard to these above issues, or any other legal issues you might have. Our team consists only of experienced and skilled lawyers who always strive for the best results. We don’t deal with several clients at a time, trying to have full focus on each individual case. We see our task as working rather towards the quality than the quantity. This is exactly the approach that helped us achieve this high performance in handling legal proceedings.

If you need services of attorneys or lawyers in Kyiv, Ukraine, we are ready to answer any questions.

Benefits of legal services in Kyiv:

Our lawyers are competent professionals, which is proven by our impressive success record. We can handle issues of all complexity levels in criminal prosecution, protection of intellectual property, family disputes, and provide our legal services to big corporations, businesses, and small firms.

  • Turn-key services. We protect our client’s interests wherever required – at all instances, in relations with all governmental authorities, until the favorable decision comes into full force.
  • Services for businesses. We help you select the proper form for your company’s incorporation and taxation, collect the necessary package of documents and apply for all licenses and permits required for various business activities.
  • We protect our client’s interests in relations with foreign authorities. We actively cooperate with lawyers from the EU and the USA.
  • We provide support in the re-organization and liquidation processes, while taking into account and mitigating all related risks.
  • We maintain a customized approach to every client and full focus on one case at a time.

Morgun & Partners Law Firm offers legal and advocacy services in Kyiv.



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