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Intelectual property

Intellectual property

Intellectual property law, IT and Internet law

Lawyer specialized in intellectual property, information technologies and Internet law offers the following services:


  • Preliminary advice on the trademark’s registrability.
  • Preliminary advice on the trademark’s compliance with legal protection requirements.


  • Registration of trademarks, obtaining certificates of trademark registration and their extensions for the use in Ukraine and other countries to ensure the trademark’s legal protection.
  • Registration of copyright and obtaining copyright registration certificates.

IT and Internet Law

  • Registration of rights to software.
  • Registration of trademarks for their use in the Internet (registration of top-level domains).
  • Registration of domain names and their protection.
  • Protection of copyright to website content and design.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights in the Internet.
  • Drafting and analysis of agreements with contractors, agreements for the development of software or models, license agreements, etc.

Dispute Resolution and Protection of Rights

  • Client representation in negotiations regarding infringements of rights to intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyright and related rights).
  • Court defense for:
    1. discontinuation of the infringement;
    2. recovery of damages;
    3. invalidation of IP agreements;
    4. enforcement of agreements;
    5. cancellation of decisions made by state authorities;
    6. early suspension of trademark certificates;
    7. recognition of well-known trademarks.
  • Representation in the Chamber of Appeals of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine.
  • Administrative support through state authorities.
  • Criminal defense in the intellectual property infringement.
Transfer and Licensed Use of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Negotiating and drafting of license agreements for trademarks, copyrights, inventions, industrial designs, other materials protected by copyright or related rights.
  • Legal support for the transfer of rights to trademarks, copyrights, inventions, industrial designs, other materials protected by copyright or related rights.
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