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Dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Out-of-court settlement of disputes.

Morgun & Partners Law Firm offers services for out-of-court resolution of disputes, as well as professional protection of clients’ interests in criminal, civil, commercial and administrative cases of any complexity level and in all court instances.

  • Analysis of documents submitted by clients, obtaining additional information, issuing opinions on the prospects of success for a case at court.
  • On clients’ behalf, negotiating with potential litigants, whether individual or corporate, for amicable settlement of disputes (mediation).
  • Debt recovery from local and foreign individuals, small and large businesses, banks, and major international firms.
  • Analysis of debtors’ solvency. Due diligence of debtors to identify elements of crime in their actions.
  • Drafting claims to debtors.
  • Court representation in civil, commercial and administrative cases.
  • Protection of honor and dignity for individuals.
  • Protection of business reputation for companies.
  • Disputes with governmental authorities.
  • Tax disputes. Appealing against decisions made by tax service agencies.
  • Obtaining court judgements and enforcement documents issued by courts for execution, reversal of execution. Drafting applications for initiating enforcement proceedings.
  • Protection of clients’ interests in enforcement proceedings.
  • Ensuring liability for non-compliance with court decisions.
  • Recognition and enforcement of decisions made by international commercial arbitration courts and foreign national courts.
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