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Company registration in Ukraine

Corporate lawyer

Corporate lawyer. Mergers and acquisitions. Incorporation and legal support for business in Ukraine. Liquidation of business.

Business registration services in Ukraine:

  • Registration of a limited liability company (TOV in Ukrainian);
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur (FOP in Ukrainian);
  • Registration of a privately owned enterprise;
  • Registration of an non-governmental organization;
  • Registration of a religious organization;
  • Registration of a charitable foundation;
  • Registration of a representative office of a foreign company;
  • Opening of bank accounts;
  • Application for licenses and authorization documents for doing business in Ukraine;
  • Negotiating with lessors and drafting lease agreements;
  • Application for work permits for foreign nationals;
  • Application for residence permits for foreign nationals.

Legal support for business:

  • Counselling;
  • Drafting claims to debtors;
  • Analyzing agreements and contracts, legal review of the company’s documents;
  • Drafting agreements and contracts;
  • Legal support in a contract negotiating process.

Legal assistance in the issues related to foreign law through our extended partner network all over the world, including:

  • Business incorporation abroad;
  • Services of corporate secretaries and accountants;
  • Counselling on issues related to corporate governance of foreign companies;
  • Drafting articles of association for foreign companies. M&A:


  • Legal due diligence;
  • Legal support in the purchase / sale of business;
  • Transactional support for M&A deals involving a foreign element.

Liquidation of business.

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