Your business growth

How often have you thought about your business growth potential?

When making the decision to open up a new business and further develop it, people mostly think about the business model, authorized capital amount and how to raise it, area of future business operations, and target audience. Unfortunately, many might disregard the “face of the company”, your brand identity, though this is something that helps you, your goods or services, stand out and become clearly distinguishable from other market players, and as a result brings you brand recognition and success.

When you have a registered trademark, this means you have access to legal protection of your rights and interests, exclusive right to use your trademark for goods and services and be protected against its illegal use by unfair competitors, as well as to sell or transfer your property rights.

Ukrainian laws regulate the procedure for filing and handling of applications, as well as the requirements that must be met when applying for intellectual property certificates. Your trademark’s ineligibility for registration or your incompliance with the statutory application procedures may result in your trademark application being refused or only partially granted.

We at Morgun and Partners Law Firm are focused on representing our clients’ interests and take every effort to provide highly professional services in such areas as protection of intellectual property rights and registration of trademarks, copyrights and technologies.

We understand the value of intellectual property and the importance of timely precautions that help prevent any violations of such property rights, for which reason we always exercise maximum professionalism, care and individual approach towards handling every single case.

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