Our lawyers have protected the rights of a Dutch citizen

Our lawyers have protected the rights of a Dutch citizen against illegal demands made by his ex-wife to recover child support

Our lawyers have protected the rights of a Dutch citizen against illegal demands made by his ex-wife to recover child support for the child born in the wife’s previous marriage, as well as helped decrease claimed child support for the common child, which amount was not affordable for the father’s income.

Unfortunately, it is a frequent case that Ukrainian women marry foreigners or just have children with foreigners in order to use those kids for manipulations and getting large amounts from their fathers.

Of course, there is no denying that these fathers must take responsibility for raising and financially supporting their children, but the size of respective child allowances must also be commensurate with fathers’ income levels and take into account that both parents are equal in their rights and obligations toward a child, which means mothers must maintain their children too.

A Dutch citizen has contacted our law firm to get legal assistance in lawfully settling the issue of his daughter’s child support claimed by his wife, a Ukrainian citizen.

Having studied the materials in the case initiated by the client’s wife for the support recovery, our lawyers have found that the claimant has two minor children: a daughter born in the previous marriage with her ex-husband and taken care of by our client, and a joint daughter with the client. The children’s mother has removed them without the father’s consent and permission, from their permanent place of residence in the Netherlands and brought them to Ukraine, and she has been hindering both his attempts and theirs for communication with each other. At the same time, the children’s mother has filed a legal claim with the court against our client seeking to recover child support of UAH 6,500 for the child born with her ex-husband in the previous marriage, and child support of UAH 26,000 for their joint child, as well as spousal support of UAH 16,000, to be paid until their joint child reaches the age of three years.

The client is not a wealthy man, he works as a driver and has a small stable income by the Dutch standards. He officially pays all relevant taxes and charges on that income and maintains a minor son from his previous marriage, which is why the court has lowered the child support amount for the common daughter and the spousal support amount payable up to the child’s age of three and has dismissed the claim in terms of the child support for the wife’s daughter from her previous marriage.

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[:ru]Наличие зарегистрированного товарного знака предусматривает возможность защиты ваших прав и интересов, исключительное право защиты от незаконного использования вашей марки для товаров и услуг недобросовестными конкурентами, а также возможность продажи или передачи прав собственности.[:uk]Наявність зареєстрованого товарного знака передбачає можливість захисту ваших прав та інтересів, виняткове право захисту від незаконного використання вашої марки для товарів і послуг недобросовісними конкурентами, а також можливість продажу або передачі прав власності.[:en]When you have a registered trademark, this means you have access to legal protection of your rights and interests, exclusive right to use your trademark for goods and services and be protected against its illegal use by unfair competitors, as well as to sell or transfer your property rights.[:]

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